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Reservations: +421 44 5591 531

Reservations: +421 44 5591 531

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Steam Sauna

A steam sauna with a temperature of 45 - 55°C and air humidity of 100% is among the most effective cures. It is prevention against weakened organism and diseases, it supports overall physical recovery, relaxes and beautifies. Hot humid air is beneficial for airways, supports congestion and revives the skin. The steam bath is recommended by therapists in case of sleep disorders, depressions, tense muscles as well as weakened vessels.

The recommended length of stay in a steam sauna is 15 minutes, followed by appropriate body cooling either in a cooling tub or cold shower and a short period of relax.

Finnish Sauna

A dry sauna is an excellent prevention and immunity builder. The sweat helps the body to eliminate all toxins and the subsequent cooling boosts our immunity.


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The higher congestion and heating improves muscle and joint flexibility, thus reducing pain. The thorough sweating rids the skin of toxins, which is cosmetically significant as well. The rapid heating followed by cooling extends and narrows vessels, making them more elastic.

The recommended length of stay in a Finnish sauna is 5 to 15 minutes. Then it is necessary to cool down in a cooling tub or cold shower.

Infra Sauna

An infra sauna is intended for treatments suitable for persons who do not tolerate high temperatures well. The temperatures reached here are lower (35-55°C) and in order to heat the body, one needs to have sauna for approximately 25-30 minutes. The deep heat stimulates muscles and organs, which results in strong sweating. The increasing body temperature ensures congestion and reduces fat cells, cholesterol, toxins and heavy metals. Infra saunas are very pleasant and do not encumber the organism. It is not subsequently necessary to cool down the body.

Whirlpool Bath

A whirlpool bath has a sensitive effect thanks to a delicate massage. It relaxes muscle tonus and mental strain. It is used to treat locomotion apparatus diseases, to improve the congestion of limbs, to heal scars and to treat insomnia. It is prescribed especially in case of neurosis, insomnia and headaches. Virivka má vďaka jemnej masáži senzitívny účinok, uvoľňuje svalový tonus a psychické napätie. Využíva sa pri ochoreniach pohybového aparátu, k zlepšeniu prekrvenia končatín, hojeniu jaziev a pri nespavosti. Indikuje sa najmä pri neuróze, nespavosti a bolestiach hlavy.

The recommended length of stay in a whirlpool bath is 20 – 30 minutes. The water temperature is 36 – 37 °C.