At Hotel Ostredok * * * You will come to your every lover of good and quality food. Open space, romance, nice atmosphere and creative cuisine are synonyms that describe the stylish La Collina restaurant.

The spectacular view of Chopok enhances the food and residence experience. Here you can choose from specialties of both domestic and foreign cuisine, while enjoying views of the surrounding countryside of the low Tatras. A wide range of quality Slovak and international wines will be pleasant to the wine-lovers.

Opening hours

Restaurant operating time: 7:30 – 22:00
Operating time bar: 7:30 – 00:00

Breakfast: 7:30-10:00
Dinner: 18:00 – 20:00



150 g Grilled Liptovsky Liptov with cranberries with field salad and homemade bread €4.00
150 g Homemade huspate with pickle onions, vinegar and homemade bread €3.80


250 ml Strong meat broth with vegetables and homemade noodles €3.50
250 ml Traditional central-Slovak cabbage with sour cream €3.80
250 ml Creamy soup in baked peppers with lipis wit and fresh herbs €3.20

Main dishes

300-400g/180g Grilled trout from the catch in Demänovská Valley with rosemary, coloured glaze beans and roasted potato potatoes €12.30
200g/180g Fillings of toothers with tomato rags, masher baby potatoes and fried caparami €12.70
200g/180g Veal cheeck with demi glace sauce and sauteed shallots, potato puree with root vegetables €11.50
200g/180g Crunchy duck breasts with beetroot sauce and rasppine, a chest spread in honey and cinnamon, stucco potatoes €14.80
650g/300g TOMAHAWK Beef Steak (tall grate with a rebrom) sauce of coarse-grained mustard, roasted potato and pickle vegetables €39.70
200g/200g Pork tenderloin on creamy saffron risote from authentic Italian rice and baby corn €11.30
500g/150g Homemade Burger "snidock" with potato chips €12.50
380g/200 ml Bryndzka gnocchi with bacon, fresh chives and sour milk €6.50
350g potato spatters topped with butter (posypka by choice – nuts, poppy, cocoa) €5.30
300g spaghetti "aglio olio" with garlic, chilli, olive oil and parmesan €6.10
350g Creamy Risoto of Italian rice with prosciutto, rucolou and parmesan cheese €7.80
350g Risoto from Italian rice with red oil and gratined goat cheese €8.80
380g SALAD "Cezar" with chicken, krutons, parmesan and bacon chips €7.20


380g Pizza MARGHERITA-mozzarella €5.60
440g Pizza PROSCIUTTO – mozzarella, PROSCIUTTO crudo, arugula €7.60
450g PIZZA sheldok – mozzarella, salami, bacon, onion, enciane and fresh chilli €7.90
440g PIZZA QUATRO FORMAGGI – mozzarella, Niva, Encián, parmesan €8.20

Something to beer and wine

300g cheese Plate (selection of Slovak cheeses) €5.50
250g domestic pickled prague with dishes and homemade bread €4.90
500g bowl IGNÁCA Bertovič (selection of meat specialities and cold cuts from the family company berto €8.70


150g domestic tiramisu with fresh forest fruit €3.60
200g brownies with vanilla ice cream and hot raspberries €3.90